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Sunflower Saturdays display at stadium

Sunflower Saturdays

Sunflowers have become a beloved symbol for Gator Softball and a tradition for Saturday Gator softball games.

The program adopted Heather Braswell in 2009 through the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation.  The FOJ Foundation pairs children with brain tumors with sports teams.  Heather was a fixture in the dugout for many years, until the cancer returned and she received her wings in 2014. The team won their first national title a few months later.

Since yellow is the color associated with children's cancer awareness, the Sunflower became a cheerful way to remember Heather and show support for other children battling cancer.  You'll see the team and fans sporting sunflowers regularly, but especially on Saturdays.

The Diamond Club partners with the Braswell Family to sell Sunflower Saturday t-shirts each season to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and show support for all children battling cancer.


Thank you James Bates for the very special 2024 Sunflower Saturday Shirt design!

Sunflower Saturday shirt design 2023
Sunflower Saturday 2022 shirt design
Sunflower Saturday shirt design
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